The Secret Buddha Garden

The Secret Buddha Garden is hidden away high in the hills in Koh Samui offering majestic views.
Back in 1976 an old fruit farmer called Nim Thongsuk started creating many beautiful statues of animals, deities and humans in various poses including one of Khun Nim himself, in a relaxed position sitting on a rock.
He continued his work untill his death at the age of 91.

The Secret Buddha Garden is located up in the hills of Koh Samui and getting there can be a little tricky. However it is possible to go up there on a scooter, but you can also hire a 4-wheel drive or simply join a tour group.

The road up to the Secret Buddha Garden has plenty of stops with beautiful scenery and views.

Entrance cost is 80 Baht.
Dont forget your camera as you will be taken ALOT of pictures:)

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